Dropshipping in Europe: PART I: What it involves and various strategies!

Do you want to experiment with dropshipping to Europe? Have you been putting these plans on hold because of the lack of knowledge? Then, this article is going to help you get your mind around this issue. Surely, the US market is a tempting piece of pie for any dropshipping entrepreneur. American economy is the largest in the world. Its GDP is over $20,5 trillion, and the country’s population exceeds 320 million people. We can refer to the market potential that is present only the Scandinavian countries as portrayed by the PostNord Reports from 2017 to 2019: (https://www.nordiconlineshopping.com/ecommerce-in-the-nordic-region-fertile-seed-ground-for-nordiconlineshopping-com/). So, it’s not surprising that a vast majority of eCommerce stores zero in on the USA. Thus, the competition to win the US customers may sometimes be really strong. Meanwhile, the European market turns out to be a bit overlooked. But why? The European Union’s GDP exceeds $19 trillion and is the second largest in the world, and its population with over 500 million people is even bigger than the US one. Isn’t it a good idea to take a stab at dropshipping to Europe? Why not? Some drop-shippers target a global audience even though he’s from the Philippines – and if you look at his store stats, you’ll see that European customers buy quite a lot from him. However, many people need to know the ins and outs of dropshipping to Europe before getting the ball rolling. And it is reasonable. You should think your business plan through and then buckle down to work. As we’re always eager to help you, we would love to list the most essential things about European dropshipping for you!

#1. Don’t ignore the European market

We’ve already said that there is some lack of sellers targeting Europe in comparison to the USA market. And this is relevant not only to online, but also to offline stores. Yet, it doesn’t mean that the demand for these products is also lower. Actually, it could be even higher due to the lack of suppliers. So, while most of entrepreneurs focus on the United States, you can reap the benefits of European market. The early bird catches the worm. This is the basic reason why we set up our project and online shop to concentrate on the Nordic Market which is uniquely and strategically situated in Europe (https://www.nordiconlineshopping.com/).

#2. Focus on one country at a time

Marketing is the most vital thing for making your dropshipping business successful. To create a breakthrough promotional campaign, you need to know the audience you target inside out. Your commercial should strike a chord with customers. That’s why it’s important to learn about customer interests, particular traits, traditions they follow, etc. All of these vary depending on the country people live as every region has its own predominant language, as well as specific history and traditions. Thus, it’s going to be hard to come up with one common marketing strategy for the whole European Union. What is relevant to one country could be totally wrong to the others. To be fruitful, your commercial should target one EU country at a time. Actually, we have concentrated on the Nordic Region, which implies a circumscribed area treated as a single market, the nordic online market (https://www.nordiconlineshopping.com/).

#3. Translate your website and ads into the local language

How many people do speak English in France? What is their proportion with regards to the French-speaking population? According to an El Pais article, the most English-speaking country in the EU is Spain with 27,7% of people claiming they know it. Other countries show much more moderate results in their knowledge of English. The point is, to win more clients, you should literally speak their language. Your website and your commercials need to be in the mother tongue of your customers. Otherwise, dozens of clients will slip through your fingers. We have taken this into consideration and made good use of plugins that are sensitive to regional languages and currencies in such a way that opening our website in the various Nordic countries automatically renders it in the various local languages (https://www.nordiconlineshopping.com/).

#4. Choose a local domain name

We’ve already written about the importance of choosing a good domain name for your dropshipping business. Apart from making it SEO-friendly, you need to pick a suitable top level domain. Simply speaking, it’s the ending of your domain – the part after the dot. As a rule, “.com” is a really good one. Yet, it may turn out to be either already taken or quite expensive. And – let me jog your memory – you need to use the local language. If your second level domain is in Lithuanian and your top level is “.com”, it looks a bit weird, doesn’t it? For a small business focusing on a European country, it’s way better to choose some region specific top level domain. For instance, for France, you can take a “.fr” domain, for German – “.de”, and so on. It’s likely to be cheaper than “.com” and instill trust in local consumers (https://www.nordiconlineshopping.com/).

#5. Accept the local currency

The thing you should strive to achieve is to make your customers feel at home while visiting your online store. So, your business process is supposed to strengthen this feeling. That’s why obstacles like currency exchange could spoil the whole thing. Besides, who wants to lose money on currency conversion? Make a point of accepting payments in local currency. Most EU countries use euro, which makes this not a big deal. As we said above, we have taken this into consideration and made good use of plugins that are sensitive to regional languages and currencies in such a way that opening our website in the various Nordic countries automatically renders it in the various local languages (https://www.nordiconlineshopping.com/).

Source: https://www.alidropship.com

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