Dropshipping in Europe: PART II – Researching Your Niche

#6. Research the competition in your niche

As we’ve mentioned it before, dozens of dropshipping entrepreneurs choose the USA as the source of the customers. Thus, the US consumers often turn out to be flooded with all-the-same offers from different online shops. So, eventually, they simply start ignoring the endless flow of advertisements. Meanwhile, the EU market may lack offers in certain niches. What hardly works in the United States could easily do the job in Europe. You should always estimate the level of competition in the niche you’ve chosen for the country you want to target. This is how you may discover your goldmine. Ours is a general store which according to serious studies concentrates on the much demanded niches. We have outlined our details of the above niches as follows: Clothing & Shoes, (Cosmetics, Men’s Clothing, Men Wallets, Ties, Bowties, Cuff Links, Men’s Watches, Women’s Clothing, Women Bags, Women Watches, BoHo, Women Wallets, Women’s Fashion, Children’s Clothing (Kids and Babies, Toys, Baby Toys, Educational Toys, Puzzles, Baby Clothing, Baby Accessories, Shoes & Bags, Men’s Shoes, Women’s Shoes, Women’s Bags, Jewelry, Earrings, Rings, Necklaces, Bracelets, Sunglasses); Cultural Diversity Products, Home Electronics & Accessories (TV & Media, Home Electronic Appliances, Kitchen Gadgets); Health, Wellness & Personal Care, Beauty & Skin Care, Skin Treatment, Massage Tools, Nails & Accessories, Sexual Health, Men Sexual Health, Women Sexual Health, Sex Toys & Accessories, Toiletries, Hair Treatment, Men’s Hair Treatment, Women’s Hair Treatment; Automotion: Car/Boat/Motorcycle (Automobiles and Motorcycles, Auto Accessories); IT & Electronics Accessories, Computers, Tablets, Drones (Drone Accessories, GoPro Accessories), Games & Accessories, Telephones & Accessories, IT Accessories, Virtual Reality, Electronic Cigarettes & Accessories, Smart Watches & Electronic Bracelets, Kids’ Games, Sports/Leisure (Sports & Outdoors); Media, Groceries, Furniture/Interior Décor, Home Decor, Garden, Furniture, Home DIY Tools, Pets & Pet Supplies, Pet & Pet Accessories, Pet Related Items & Designs, Our Digital Products, E-Books, Reports & Videos , Numerology etc.. (https://www.nordiconlineshopping.com/shop/).

#7. Remember that sometimes, ads may cost you less in Europe

It’s time for good news. The most essential part of your dropshipping expenses, your advertisement, is cheaper in some European countries than it is in the US. PPC works like an auction. You set your budget, the sum of money you’re ready to pay per click, etc. Other online entrepreneurs do the same thing. So, there is a sort of competition. Those who offer more get their ads coming up on Google, Facebook, etc. until the budget has run out. The point is, if you target the USA with little to no experience in online paid ads, your money may evaporate really fast. Even if you have the necessary knowledge about PPC, you’ll need to manage your PPC campaign carefully. Why? For the same old reason. Everyone wants the US customers. The more participants you have, the higher level of competition you have at the auction. Therefore, the cost of the commercial is going up. Since European market is a bit overlooked, in particular countries, you can pay less for PPC and save your money.

Source: https://www.alidropship.com

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