Dropshipping in Europe: PART III – Suppliers with Warehouses in Europe

#8. Search for the dropshipping suppliers with warehouses in Europe

The shorter your delivery time is, the wider are your clients’ smiles. Of course, if you’ve chosen a unique niche, people are ready to wait for the items even for 30 days. Yet, the quick delivery is going to make customers pour into your online store. 5-7 days and you’ve got it. Even the most impatient clients would be pleased. In one of our articles, we described the process of finding suppliers on AliExpress with warehouses in the USA to win more customers. Well, you can apply this to searching for the distributors who stock their goods in Europe. Since the EU has no physical borders between its member countries, it’s not necessary to search for a supplier with warehouses in France if you target this country. You can look for Spain, Germany, or any other EU member – the delivery will anyway be prompt enough.

#9. Look for a shipping option with the tracking code

Unfortunately, not all of the AliExpress sellers have warehouses in Europe. But, you can easily find a supplier who offers you cheap shipping options. It could be an affordable ePacket, a free shipping option, or other alternatives. Of course, it’s better to choose the one with the shortest delivery time. However, you shouldn’t forget about the tracking code. Most customers tend to be interested in the location of the package while it’s being shipped. Some of them could be really irritable if they don’t get the necessary information. To calm them down and avoid difficulties, you need to provide your clients with the evidence of your honesty. The tracking code is the exact thing that can pull it off. It shows that you keep your end of the bargain – that the products are on their way to the clients. So, choose the suppliers who have cheap shipping options with the tracking code. We have enabled the most robust shipping and tracking of our clients’ goods so they can trust that we have taken care of their shipment (https://www.nordiconlineshopping.com/shipping-and-delivery/).

#10. Provide customer support in the local language

What if you didn’t speak your target country language fluently? What would you do if your clients had some questions? Would you ignore them? That’s not an option! Customer service is the thing that forms your reputation. And your reputation is vital. One unsatisfied customer can’t cause a lot of damage to your venture, you may say. Yeah, maybe. But, what about ten or twenty furious clients? You won’t be able to sweep it under the rug. Without a doubt, customers are going to have some questions quite frequently. You can’t brush them off every time. The solution is simple. If you don’t know the language – hire someone who knows. Platforms such as Upwork, Fiverr, etc. allow you to find a freelancer for a reasonable sum of money. They will take care of your clients.

#11. Translate the reviews

Your promotional campaign matters much. It’s going to raise awareness about your online store and attract customers. But, what is going to make people buy from you is social proof. A healthy amount of positive customer reviews about your products can actually make a difference. People tend to trust each other, not the advertisement. Thus, your dropshipping store needs the positive customer feedback. How can you get it if you’ve just opened your store? You can add the reviews right from AliExpress along with the products you import to your website. With AliDropship Google Chrome Extension it’s a piece of cake. However, if your target country is, for example, the Netherlands, you need the feedback in Dutch. What if there are no reviews in Dutch? You must have guessed. You shouldn’t dig deep searching for the customer comments in a necessary language. You just need to translate them into Dutch, French, or whatever language your audience speaks. Dropshipping has great potential , and it’s time for you to start exploring it. Now, when you know more about dropshipping to Europe, you can widen your horizons by giving it a try. If you have any questions let, feel free to leave them in the comments section below!

Source: https://www.alidropship.com

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