eCommerce in the Nordic Region: Fertile Ground for is a Swedish-based international online shopping website and marketplace, that offers the highest variety of carefully selected & highly solicited, high-quality products from renowned and trusted manufacturers. The idea as well as the products are strategically created and categorized, following our careful study of two-year reports on new trends and customer behavior on eCommerce in the Nordic Region as published by PostNord. According to these reports, the customer behavior was seen to concentrate on particular niches that saw them readily spend SEK 104.3 billion during the first half of 2018 with the highest being Sweden with SEK 42.6 billion. The above amount was spent around the following niches: Clothing and Shoes, Home Electronics, Beauty and Wellness, Cars, Motorcycles and Boats, IT & Electronics Accessories, Sports & Leisure, Children’s toys & Games, Media, Groceries, Furniture/Interior Décor and on Pets & Pet supplies. We have outlined our details of the above niches as follows: Clothing & Shoes, (Cosmetics, Men’s Clothing, Men Wallets, Ties, Bowties, Cuff Links, Men’s Watches, Women’s Clothing, Women Bags, Women Watches, BoHo, Women Wallets, Women’s Fashion, Children’s Clothing (Kids and Babies, Toys, Baby Toys, Educational Toys, Puzzles, Baby Clothing, Baby Accessories, Shoes & Bags, Men’s Shoes, Women’s Shoes, Women’s Bags, Jewelry, Earrings, Rings, Necklaces, Bracelets, Sunglasses); Cultural Diversity Products, Home Electronics & Accessories (TV & Media, Home Electronic Appliances, Kitchen Gadgets); Health, Wellness & Personal Care, Beauty & Skin Care, Skin Treatment, Massage Tools, Nails & Accessories, Sexual Health, Men Sexual Health, Women Sexual Health, Sex Toys & Accessories, Toiletries, Hair Treatment, Men’s Hair Treatment, Women’s Hair Treatment; Automotion: Car/Boat/Motorcycle (Automobiles and Motorcycles, Auto Accessories); IT & Electronics Accessories, Computers, Tablets, Drones (Drone Accessories, GoPro Accessories), Games & Accessories, Telephones & Accessories, IT Accessories, Virtual Reality, Electronic Cigarettes & Accessories, Smart Watches & Electronic Bracelets, Kids’ Games, Sports/Leisure (Sports & Outdoors); Media, Groceries, Furniture/Interior Décor, Home Decor, Garden, Furniture, Home DIY Tools, Pets & Pet Supplies, Pet & Pet Accessories, Pet Related Items & Designs, Our Digital Products, E-Books, Reports & Videos Etc., Numerology. More so, there was an 11% increase from 2017 and the trend keeps increasing making eCommerce very prospective and lucrative in the Nordic region. This has given us the reason to concentrate and base our online shop on these highly solicited niches according to customer demands. Secondly, the reason for setting up a locally based online shop, is that out of the above total amount spent online about 80% was spent on domestic eCommerce purchases while 20% was spent on foreign eCommerce purchases. A third reason is the fruitful projection made by the study, that the eCommerce trend is increasingly engaging and the market thus increasingly profitable. Domestic Nordic commerce is expected to reach SEK 86.3 billion while Nordic commerce from abroad amounts to SEK 18.1 billion.

Therefore, setting up a localized eCommerce shop is a very beneficial endeavor following the above market potential. Furthermore, the Nordic region enters into the realm of mature eCommerce nations in the world. The 2018 report stated that “The Nordic region is one of the most mature eCommerce markets in Europe and eCommerce in the Nordic region continues to expand. Six out of ten Nordic residents shop online on a monthly basis, which corresponds to an average of nearly 12 million people. The fact that more and more consumers are choosing to buy their goods online has made e-commerce increasingly important for Nordic retail companies and e-commerce is currently a significant growth force. The conditions for selling and purchasing online are favorable in the Nordic region, given the population’s high level of e-commerce maturity, high internet penetration, well-built infrastructure and motivated e-commerce players. Another additional factor to the favorable conditions is that Nordic consumers have an easy time adopting new behaviors and more so they are tech-savvy. is therefore launching its business online on a favorable foundation. We are an eCommerce startup with a long – term goal of demonstrating our market prowess and exerting our influence and reliability in the Nordic Region and then growing into major cities of the world through delivering a wide range of highly solicited products and services from globally recognized manufacturing brands at very competitive and rock bottom prices.

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